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World Naked bike ride

This June, hundreds of naked cyclists will ride through city centers across the UK to promote environmentally and financially sustainable transport. Part of the sixth annual World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), they’ll join thousands more internationally in this growing environmental protest and celebration of cycling and the human body. Public nudity at the event is also a powerful symbol of cyclists’ vulnerability on the road, and the empowering experience of safety in numbers The London event alone is likely to attract more than 1,000 riders, setting a new record for naked protest. Last year’s event was the largest naked protest in British history, with over 800 people riding through the streets of the capital for two hours. Ride routes offer participants an enjoyable “naked sightseeing experience”, and go past a number of city center landmarks. As in previous years, cycle-mounted police will facilitate the ride and provide traffic control.

Saturday June 9th 2019.

Event Website – https://wnbr.london/